16 September 2011

i'm back

Oh hello again, Blog. Happy Independence Day. Of Guatemala. Yesterday.

So, it's been over a month of "pause" here. I was waiting to post the perfect conclusion to my 3-Days-For-Three-Years set. The last day was to honor the people. So many good shots of people I love. But I let that perfectionism thing get to me again. How could I post these photos? There were people missing! People that graciously still look at these posts. I was sure to offend someone if I went ahead. Maybe if I just kept posting more photos? Nope, still bound to leave a left-out taste for someone. HusBen thought that was silly. Maybe it was, but I just couldn't do it. And in the meantime, I wasn't about to blog without finishing what I'd started. Boo! Could you call that a Catch-22? Oh, how cultured of me.

Anyway, let my blogging wave start yet again! A lot has been going on (at least in my mind, if nothing else) during this hiatus. I think I'll get it all out. The photo above shall count as my finale to the wedding-remembering, and as a tribute to Guatemala. There, you can't feel left out because no one else but this Sister López was wearing a Guatemalan flag. This is my dad's cousin's daughter, Amelia. We've met a handful of times between our two countries. She knew I'd be at the temple that August 5. She found me after all the family had left while Ben and I walked around with Ashley for pictures. She was married herself this summer! In Guatemala. While on the subject of Guatemala, and its día de independencia, allow me to announce an announcement!

we're going to guatemala!
it will be my third time
it will be ben's second time
it will be cohen's first time

I'm beyond excited. Not just to see "The Land of the Eternal Spring" again, but to be there with my whole family. Two months to go! We're listening to Gaby Moreno while we wait.

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  1. yay! yay! yay! I haven't checked the blog for a long time, and now I have lots of posts to read! Happy day! Even happier knowing you get to go to Guatemala with your little man! You are just wonderful. the.end.