28 July 2011

we're on the (teeny bopper) map

We came home from Utah to find we'd missed a party in our 'hometown.' Garner's own Scotty McCreery is 2011's American Idol! (Interesting fact: just now when I Googled that link, I typed "American," and American Idol was the first suggestion, ahead of American Red Cross, American Express & American Airlines). I keep thinking I will go to Hulu and watch American Idol for the first time, but I have yet to do it. Yay for Garner! (PS: I took all of these photos just on our beaten path—from our house to I-40, I saw several others after this in and around other neighborhoods. I love it.)

27 July 2011


The above was quoted in this talk about being conquerors from our lesson on Sunday. I learned (yet again) how much the hard things in life are an integral, necessary part of our experience. It's just a fact that bad things happen to good people. Shark bites happen to Lucy. Cystic Fibrosis sends Mary Deane to the hospital. And on a much more micro scale, trees fall around the corner, cutting the power in 100°F weather. And Olivia is dumb and turns back as the light goes green only to realize with a bump that the SUV in front was still stopped.

Even the little sufferings in addition to the great sorrows are catered for our education. I know it, but why can't I know it so well in the moment? Such was the case with another sorrow this summer—Ben was denied residency status at NC State which meant no school this summer. To me, it felt like we'd suffered a job loss somehow. The lack of motivation to pick ourselves up and accomplish things every day was a pain. I beat myself up over all that I could be doing with such free time, and yet hanging out with HusBen & Cohen so often wins out over putting a portfolio online or following through on lucrative efforts with my talents.

But today, I'm finally looking back to recognize that good things happen to good people too: Ben has his first client for a landscape design! He also got a part-time job in his old watch trade! And he also was just approved residency status for the fall! We were so happy, we went out to Chick-fil-A to celebrate. We ate outside (with a little breeze!) and it was icing on the cake to watch a frog hop around at our feet.

Here's to hoping that next time, I'm better at 'being educated' during the trial before the good rewards come.

02 July 2011

this is big

This HusBen had not worn jeans since 4th grade or something. "Too stiff," he claimed. People would ask, "then what do you wear?" You'd be surprised how much you don't notice when you avoid this 'staple.' There are plenty of cords and multiple colors of khakis to wear instead. I hear that, back in the day, his substitute was sporty work out pants.

But that is all behind us now. Ben K wears jeans today. He found them himself. But may I not-so-humbly add that he bought them with the gift card that I gave him for Father's Day?

Thank you.