05 August 2011

|| pause ||

Well, the third day of the wedding nostalgia of 3 years ago will be postponed because we were out and about, celebrating early! (HusBen's fixin' watches tonight.) I was swooned by HusBen's detailed, themed ("North Carolina History"), fun itinerary. That boy's got some romantic blood and I welcome the special occasions where it can bleed out some. Even long-distance, last year, he proved thoughtful with emailing a photo of this carefully-chosen milk. I'm such a sucker for things like this. But I admit, it was better this year to BE with him. More on that to come.


  1. Olivia! You'll love the round about way I found you!!! My sister-in-law sends me a link to a story about a little girl in my nieces ward that was bitten by a shark....Katherine Broderick is my niece! Then I see you in the pictures with Lucy! Crazy! And you know Ashley because you went to school together? She was my nanny! Honestly, girl, we are meant to connect with you for ever!
    I love your blog. What a darling family you have!
    The Ferrins and the Juarez' forever :)!

  2. HELLO DENISE! What a fun connection game. I am responding QUITE late, but thanks for the hello and the well wishes. Love to the Ferrins!