18 September 2011

autumn times begin like this

At least this is what it looks like "on the farm." We got a cold front this weekend and it felt gooooooooood. I am ready to be done with summer. I usually dread summer's end, but maybe I'm actually learning not to dwell in the past. Yeah, that's it. Either way, I am feeling fresh with the crisp in the air.

The last two images show involve koi-catching. I came home from a morning run to the grocery store and noticed the bright orange fish were all gathered and close to the surface (barley visible in the first photo). I went back out for a closer look but instead stayed at a distance because there were men in the water with nets, bags, and buckets.

"I learned a long time ago, you can't chase fish; ya gotta outsmart 'em."
(Say that in your best southern man accent.)

Still loving this little farm apartment. Even if it is so small that I can't talk on the phone inside if Cohen's napping.

PS: If you want to know more about that little man in our life, please refer to his tweets. Yes, Cohen's tweets. They are conveniently updated for you on the left column here if you don't want to bring yourself to visit yet another social network. I promise it's the best way to know the latest with CJK. (You can see and watch the latest too, as all photos and videos are updated via Twitter as well).

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