26 September 2011

we're all vulnerable human beings trying to have relationships with other vulnerable human beings

I just have been thinking about this a lot lately.


  1. Sounds like a good TedTalk quote!

  2. indeed.

    TED, and Christ too.
    we are so conditioned to think that we do not deserve to be hurt; that we mustn't let people walk all over us, take advantage of us. 'don't put yourself in a risky situation.' sounds wise, right? but i think Christ kind of taught the opposite. love those who offend you and ridicule you? and i think we gain more from being taken advantage of than if we had played it safe—especially if we turn our hurt little selves over to Him who felt the same pain...

    And yes, I think this TED talk adds wonderful facts to the matter.

  3. I spoke in church a couple of weeks ago about what fragile beings we are. Couldn't seem to get it out of my mind. Must be something to ponder...