30 September 2011

ben is smokin' hot

In the mail this week I got an exciting envelope of photos from Jenna! I have my own collection of photos from this 2002 Almo trip with Tawny and Levi (who I believe was behind the lens), but I didn't have this shot of smokin' hot Ben. To be candid, this is when my crush on Ben was just starting. Can you blame me? I still can't believe he's there when I wake up.

Fittingly, this week I also dug out my box of journals in search of a list of words I made as a teenager to use on my traditional Conference Bingos for my siblings. But I gladly took a seat with many other high school journals, scanning the pages for stories of HusBen.

Sometimes I'm embarrassed that I really only dated one guy in this wide world. But as I read through those teenage thoughts on our relationship, I felt grateful—even proud—that I kept my high school sweetheart. Even back then, we both admitted we liked the idea of becoming each other's one-and-only. But we were mere teenagers, with two mission plans ahead. The odds were clearly not in our favor.

And yet, here we are! We are married! And we have a son! What?

I still can't believe it but I'm glad that in all the whole wide world, it is him there next to me when I wake up!

And yes, he is always there when I wake up because I ALWAYS wake up before he does.


  1. This is GREAT! I love your posts! I love BENson!

  2. i can't believe you didn't have that picture of Ben - such a great one - i'm glad i did send them your way (sorry for the farm junk behind him - haha)

    been wondering your guys' reactions to the provo tabernacle turning temple. exciting & unbelievable, right?!

  3. love the post. love the photo. And Jenna, LOVE THE TABERNACLE-TEMPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Jenna: we are excited beyond belief. ben actually called it. not quite the tabernacle part, but he guessed they would announce a second provo temple! i don't know how we didn't put 2 and 2 together, tho because we had just found out from a provo-native in our ward that the church had bought the hotel across the street... of course! my family keeps saying, "the temple will be on our way to school, on our way to work, on our way to smith's!" :)

    Thanks again for the photo!

  5. Hehe!! Elmo!! How could I forget?! :) That was fun... Hi Jenna! ;) love you liv. You and ben are the cutest!--& cute baby Cohen!