31 March 2011

grandpapá, grandpapá

 {and along the RED theme, i had a blast reading how much you are a RED through & through.}

28 March 2011

colder here than it is in utah

 {I've never seen this widget with this graphic. It looks like hail, but outside, it was really just teeny tiny droplets. Teeny enough to go out and get the laundry from the dryer.}

Cohen came too, naturally. And so he was bundled up cute.

{Ben had to take the camera to school today so here we are loving Photobooth.}

21 March 2011

 just saw it with my own eyes

como te odio, mosquitito.

20 March 2011

 for a certain KW

18 March 2011

hanging out with the dills...

...is just as fun as better than you'd think it would be.

17 March 2011


Just got back from 3-ish weeks of road trippin' and hardly a pic to prove it.

As always, KWK saves the day.

I am 100% unmotivated today and blogging from an iTouch is getting done before any unpacking, laundry, or shower.

I did, however, prepare myself some lunch: a juicy portabella burger with yellow bell pepper and goat cheese on sugarless sprouted wheat bread.

(On drive home, Ben asked if I wanted to be vegetarian for a month. I said yes, if I could have fish too. He agreed. I already messed up twice--crispy bacon at the continental breakfast in Savannah and a corned beef sample at Trader Joe's last night.)

Been reading Word of Wisdom Living and Sweat Bread--(don't let that name fool you; it's not about bread that tastes like sweat; oh on the contrary.)

Oh, and I'm thinking Cohen sleeps and eats and feels better when traveling.

Happy day of my favorite color.

08 March 2011

to mr. baker!