29 October 2011

things i been thinking

  • Cohen is so fun when he calmly wakes from a deep sleep. He's just limp and cuddly and weary and curious. I kiss him on the cheeks when I lay him back in bed and he just stares back.
  • HusBen works and schools. So much that he gets sick. And then he lays and reads sports and sports.
  • Orecchiette is a pasta that looks like 19th century farm hats.
  • I ♥ Mail! A perfect pillow to match our lime green couch from Deb. She embroidered "North Carolina" on it. What a memento! We also received a great big new carseat for the carseat-hater.

27 October 2011

half-birthday for husben

Ever since we've been married, Ben has kept the freezer stocked with at least one (sometimes all) of the following potato wonders: tater tots, straight-cut fries, cris-cut fries, hashbrowns, hashbrown patties—(am I missing anything?) It's an unlikely affinity, given his food-snob nature. But I love it. And obviously, he does too.

He can't have any of it without ketchup, though. I should mention that we go through lots of big bottles of the sweet stuff my dad tried to make me hate. I don't actually hate it, but I do hate when Ben overestimates the dipping pool he'll need for his late night snack and the extra ketchup clumps are either wasted or dried out for a fun dish-washing later.

It was while dining (in a classic small-town diner) on our anniversary trip that Ben declared he needed one of these dispensers—making it easy to just squirt the right amount on each individual fry. I tucked the idea in my head, liking it a lot myself, and pulled it out for his half-birthday, October 27th. (Special thanks to this fun place {and, check out that logo!} which is open to the public and just 10 min from home, on the beaten path.)

It was Ben himself that taught me the fun of celebrating half-birthdays, way back in 2003. Even if it's more fun for me than it is for him, it was well worth my buck and change!

21 October 2011

love a fair!

Welcome to the best post ever. So many photos, you might as well have been walkin' the State Fairgrounds with us! And, this is new: I'm actually blogging about something that happened recently. Not a year ago. But yesterday. Buena Jairo!

We ate: honey sticks, deep fried Oreos, Pepper-battered Bloomin' Onion, cinnamon sugar funnel cake, red velvet funnel cake, fresh lime fizz, and a Philly steak & cheese. Everything was worth it except for that last item. Blegh. Next year I will try the turkey legs and the deep fried KoolAid. (No, I don't know how that works.) I will never try the Krispy Kreme burger.

We saw: bee colonies up close, little cotton and sunflower plants, twisted sweet potatoes, $25,000 steers, 282-pound watermelons, ferris wheels—not to be confused with carousels, miniature autumn villages, and an un-advertised Santa in a banana stand (to which Ben quickly remarked, "well, now we know his day job").

Not gonna lie, Cohen was the best of all—a charmer, even in the chilly wind without his pacifier (forgot) or his normal stroller (forgot). Things like this are so much funner (it's a word) with kids! We were happy to be there with Hazel and Avery for that same reason. The Mac and Cheese bowl teacups would not have made the blog without them! (Kurt, Becky and Jordan were fabulous company too.)

18 October 2011


Last year I remember feeling, "Wait, it's November? We didn't even so much as get a pumpkin!" This year, the pumpkin made it to the porch before October 1st! Call me silly, but it feels like a victory. Also, we typically scramble online to find a spooky movie on Halloween night to celebrate somehow. By then, we have a hard time finding something—and when we do—we aren't too impressed. This year, in October's first week, we watched a genuine creeper. We can officially recommend The Others, starring Nicole Kidman. You can watch it instantly on Netflix, or rent it on iTunes for $3. (Perfect if you don't think about Halloween until Halloween, like we used to do.)

Also, last year, around this time, we were enjoying a jaunt up to the New York City. This year, to remember it, Ben brought home some Mallomars to try. They claim (on the box) that it's a New York City thing because over 70% of their sales "are generated in the shadow of the Big Apple." Who knows. I'm not a big mallow fan apart from s'mores, but these grew on me. I think they'll become an October tradition—since they are only on the shelves from October to April due to their melting properties. So, there is your random fact for the day.

07 October 2011

last night i realized i smile way bigger for pictures than most people do.

And I think I can benefit from smallish-smiling like everyone else.

06 October 2011

throw-back thursday: graduation

Who am I kidding? All my latest posts are "throw-backs" whether it's Thursday or not.

Today's memory is our graduation. We both officially graduated from BYU in August 2010 (after having completed the same online course together for our final needed credits).

What, you didn't know? Oh, don't worry—it's because we didn't really have a graduation. We didn't walk the walk or listen to the talk. We sort of had a ceremony with my design class which was awesome, but we did not wear that cap or gown and we did not take pictures together with the tulips or the cougar.

Let it be known that I regret this. That wasn't my original plan. I had all good intentions of following every graduation formality. I even prepared film to letterpress announcements, but in the end, maybe it wasn't meant to be?  I kind of knew in the moment that I would regret ditching it, but I still succumbed to the fact that I was really busy with finals and preparing my final show, not to mention my loved ones insisted it was a boring, pricey hub-bub for all involved. But if I knew all along that I would regret it, I wonder why I didn't just do it for myself? And for my posterity? And for my Grandpa? Yes, Grandpa Ord would have loved to be boring with me!

I settled on the idea that we could borrow robes and take pictures before the tulips were plucked. (If you aren't familiar with BYU, you should know their flowers don't die. They are plucked. Not picked by rude students, but uprooted by student employees. I know.) But alas, there was no real "deadline" for that and it never happened before we left Utah. And this is why I'm sad about it:

This degree was the hardest thing I ever did. And actually, it still is. It was harder than a mission. And I didn't know know this at the time, but it was also harder than labor & delivery (and even recovery). All you other college grads may snicker, but to each his own, right? Are there any law school grads that read this? Would you be offended if I said that I think my Bachelor's was as hard as your JD? I know, I've never been to law school, but I worked at BYU Law School for almost 5 years and I really think us BFA graphic design students across the street were working just as long and hard. (In fact, ultimately, the BFA was why I had to quit that wonderful job). I'm not saying it was hell. It wasn't. I really, really loved it and I wouldn't have chosen any other way to graduate if I could go back. But it was still really, really hard for me. It involved many successes and failures. Much stress and stretching. Lots of good learning and loving. And lots and lots of really late nights/all-nighters. (My school sleep was way worse than sleeping with a newborn, or even with the current Cohen who wakes more at night than he did as a newborn.) There are lots of nitty gritty details I'd be happy to share, but I'll spare the blog world and instead you can call me for that. (Because I officially have a 'real' phone now after about 3 years!) Are you feeling me yet? This little paper I'm holding above: It's a big deal.

Poor Ben probably had to learn this the hard way—I was planning at least a little dinner "ceremony" with homemade paper graduation hats when the diplomas arrived in the mail—something to make a big deal of this big deal. My pregnant self broke into tears when he opened it right from the mailbox. He was a good sport though and at least we have these crappy pictures even though I later destroyed my homemade caps and I don't even remember what "special dinner" we ate.

Anyway, so now you know I am evil and don't consider Cohen my greatest accomplishment. If I had to choose between the two, you're right, I'd choose my babe. But my other baby, The Bachelor's of Fine Arts in Graphic Design from Brigham Young University, was a more challenging accomplishment I am proud to call mine.

So proud, in fact, that I am blogging about it over a year later.

04 October 2011