03 August 2011

3 days for 3 years

Would you believe I've never posted photos of our wedding? You would? Yeah, well at least you know me well then... We're coming up on 3 years since that day so I'm using it as a deadline to share a bit of the best wedding day ever. All I can say after looking back at these photos is I'm so happy I married who I did, where I did.

And, I'm super happy I chose Ashley Thalman to be the one to document this. Not only because of the stunning images I now have to remember my wedding by, but because of all the wonderful fruits that have come from a relationship with this Ashley. She has made my life (and those of my family) better.


  1. Ashley is a great photographer, but she also had two darling subjects to work with !! look at that one sepia shot where your back is to the camera,and Ben has a wonderful smile going....do you have that female balding problem? or is it just a smudge?! ha ( although I am going to feel real bad if you do !!)

  2. LOVE it Olivia!! Thanks for posting those. I don't think I've seen them. Been stalking your blog for a couple months after I found it from your moms. I especially like the picture at the bottom where both of your hands are framing the temple. Very cool!

  3. totally in love with your pictures and the collage layout here! Wish I could oooh and aaaah over all of your wedding photos! Yes, such a talented photographer that knows your style

  4. i just loved savoring all of these again... and a few of them i hardly remembered! GOOD GIRL!! Thank you for taking the time to post these, and good for both of you for celebrating 3 great years in fun and thoughtful ways... They've been SO full - so many 'firsts', lots of important milestones, and such great cause for CELEBRATION!
    ...FUN memories here, Mija!