04 August 2011

3 days for 3 years

As I look back on these, I can't help but see the people that love us. You can't see them in the photos, but am listing them in order now and I'll illustrate later: Meredith and James, Kurt and Becky, Levi, Devin, Becky, Kurt, Kurt, my family...

OK, the list goes on and on, but I'm out the door for Ben's anniversary surprise lil' trip so I'll dwell on it later!


  1. I am LOVING seeing all your wedding pictures!! I so wish I could have made it to your reception. It was beautiful. And amazingly done! (But I'm not surprised.) You always have done amazing things.

  2. Thanks for the memories! Ah....

  3. the wedding and reception i am still so so so so so sad i had to miss. i loved seeing these pictures - such artsy pictures. It all amazes me