28 February 2011

Dear Mr. Dill,

16 February 2011

 february delights at the pond

I seriously feel like I just came back from an aviary.

Or at least like I was just in some cheesy reprise of a movie where nature is just wonderful
and the camera circles around the main character zooming out to a bird's-eye-view.
One of the two.

But actually my little one and I just returned from a "pond round" out back.

I wish I'd had a mini Mr. Webb or other birdmaster on my shoulder to whisper the names of all the bird calls I was hearing.
(There were at least 10 distinct whistles!)

I felt like so many birds were all flying around us as if we weren't there. They were having some kind of party.

Really. These photos aren't doing it justice at all.

There was a beautiful state bird out there too but I didn't catch her on the camera.
I thought I was hearing a cardinal call for the first time, but then she flew away and the cool bird was still calling.
It's only been 30 minutes but of course I can't even remember exactly what it sounded like.

Cohen didn't protest even though all he could probably see was my chest from his perch in the BabyBjörn.

He was calm and quiet and awake. I think he sensed my euphoria and maybe felt a bit of it too?

It was the honking of these geese that initially called me outside in the first place.

They were so loud I could hear them while nursing on my bed even though all the windows were closed.

Oh, and then to top it all off, the biggest flock of starlings flew overhead as we walked back to the house. This is just like one tenth of the total chirping birds. Not only could we hear their occasional chirp but the flapping of all their wings was audible too.

In Ben's words, this is when I'm glad we don't live on campus.

06 February 2011

heaven in n.c.

Pardon my absence, I was just having a baby is all.

I feel like it's taken me ages to stumble back into blogland/the online social community—
even though another part of me feels like one week's absence is really not that long.
A week is a quick comeback, but I think it's a good sign that it feels like years: it's a sign of feeling super loved.
Much thanks to all of you that have expressed such interest—and a need even—for pictures & updates.

Sheesh, as if I'm not blessed enough with a perfect baby boy, we've got the best friends and family to boot.

Also, special thanks to my close Knudsen kin
for your love & interest* in this boy of mine—er, your Baby Ben's baby.

*read: posting photos online—see the following links—
He came!    Photoshoot!    Snapshot!    My boys!    He's home!    We're a family!

And now, as graciously requested—more photos and a little update:

Sunday, 23 January 2011 — "the duedate" — still a family of two

Thursday, 27 January 2011 — "the moment" we concluded I was really showing signs of labor.

Friday, 28 January 2011 — "our final date" — labor signs faded, but Ben and I distracted ourselves with an outing.
He skipped his last class and we had the best Mexican downtown, saw a matineé at the dollar theater,
and stopped for popsicles at a little joint a-la-Provo Center Street entrepreneur shops.

Saturday, 29 January 2011 — labor "for reals" — not until dinnertime, but  contractions started all at once, 5 minutes apart,
and didn't stop. Called the doctor who basically said, "come in whenever you want." We rolled into the hospital at 9:15pm.

Sunday, 30 January 2011 — "He's really coming" — past midnight, fully dilated, fully effaced, and I could smile between contractions. How could I not? Baby K was nearly here, Ben was by my side, Mom & Becky were at my beck and call, and Parisa, my nurse, was calling me a rockstar.

2:56am — We have a son.

His name is Cohen Juárez Knudsen.

He weighed
8 pounds and 12 ounces.

He measured
21 inches long.

And he is


*more photos and stories to be told—most will continue over at the 'online baby book.' Hopefully soon.