22 January 2013


It's been a long time since I've worn holes through the knees of jeans. The hand-me-downs pictured below (because that's the only place I can figure to put a pic with this Blogger app) have served me well, if only since Cohen was born.

I typically wear clothing long past the holes. It's a trait I don't know whether to be proud of or ashamed of. But after seeing such a hole in my skirt this fall, Ben asked if I should take a certain allotment of the Winter student loan to buy new clothes.

I'm excited to "grow up" by getting rid if clothes and buying new ones with the season. Eeeeeeeven though I'm wearing a shirt from High School (also pictured below) right now and don't know if I wanna give it up...

Do I really want to be blogging again? This all seems like pointless words… meh.

01 January 2013


Testing out the Blogger app, yo. Right from the phone. Youbetchamyheck.

2012 brought another kid, an iPod then an iPhone, the final and eventual loss if the ol' college laptop, so much Instagram, and thus, a so-called "death of blog".

But 2013 shall bring better documenting. Starting with telling you about the sewing I did today and loved. If it weren't so gosh darn tedious, I think I'd do more of it. But I'd love to do more of it. I'm working on some hand-painted type on banners. I love work like that.

Twenty-thirteen shall be like magic beans!