14 September 2010

Wish Me Luck
I'm going to take the NC driver's test today so I can get a license so I can prove residency so I can move through
the public health system so I can get a doctor so I can get an ultrasound so we can stop with the "it" business!
Oh, and so I we can register the Comanche so I can have transportation while Ben's gone so I can go exploring so I can not be so lame to be inside all day except when I do laundry or get the mail.

I'm a really bad test-taker. Everyone says things like this are no big deal, but I'm worried nonetheless.



  1. Oh, no problem! I had to take the Oregon driver's test recently, and I dreaded it. Turns out it was a cinch. Good luck (but you won't need it)!

  2. Olivia, you've been driving much longer than most of your same-age peers, so I would think that should give you an advantage, no? ;)

  3. i'm sure it was fine. i'm anxious to know about all of the other exciting things though.

    do you have a phone number yet? be sure to send it my way when you do, please :)

  4. Thanks for the comfort, ladies. It's true. I think I even guessed on most of them and still passed. Phew!