22 September 2010

Faux Posts

So there's nothing to jump start into more blogging like guest blogging on your sister-in-law's famous blog. I went back and finally posted entries that had been drafts and posted pictures as I looked back in the camera. I'm determined to do it more often. Pardon me for fooling—but I gave them all previous dates, seeing as they all happened previously. :) At least this way the record is right, eh?

Anyway, remember these?

Well they've got friend now:

I swear I needed a tutorial on how to give a tutorial. :) But it was good fun. See it here.
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  1. i think these are soooo cute and so fun to design and decorate. i can't wait to make some of my own monsters for the nieces/nephews i inherited.

  2. I added his friends to the post. They're all happy together, I think.

  3. katie! so glad to 'see' you again. :) do you still live in the dear PP11 ward? and yes, i think they are the perfect gift for nieces and nephews! do send me pictures when you finish! oliviation@gmail.com

    katy—good idea. thanks you AGAIN for everything. :)

  4. Olivia, love the new dill in the tummy monster!

  5. I love you!! I'm so retarded; just got the blog move. Great idea!:) kiss u on the belly... Which, ps, is NOT very big!! Lucky goose...

  6. With 11 questions left on my biology homework,
    17 minutes left of battery life,
    44 minutes left before Provo midnight,
    and a million things left to say,
    I am trying to quickly post a comment.

    Things I love about your blog: what you made for the header; the alliterative right column titles; the pillar of salt (alluding to Sunfall Festival's allusion? "'Cause I keep looking back"?); the pictures; the labels; the color; the posts; the way it helps me miss you less.

    You're good at blogging. And I love you.
    Thanks for getting me distracted all over No Big Dill and other such wonders that I get to see through you. It's worth the homework left to do.