17 September 2010


Last week, I chopped coarsely one jalapeno (pronounced jaw-LAP-ˈēn-oh, if you are my family exaggerating a gringo accent) for the shrimp marinade. (Yes, I'm actually cooking, but that is an entirely different post—perhaps an entirely different blog of its own).

I remember having the tendency to be careful about touching it so much. But there really was no strong scent nor sensation on my skin, and I had already removed the vein and seeds, so I stopped worrying.

The burning came intensely about 5 hours later—under my nails. What? OK, yes, I keep my nails a little longer than normal. But 5 hours later? In fact, my left-hand fingertips continued to be hot all throughout the morning...

OK fine, it's time for a trim.

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  1. och! sandwich bags are my friends with hot peppers. so sorry!