29 September 2010

two announcements

2 little laptops jumping on the bed.
one fell off and BROKE his head.
mama called the doctor and the doctor said,

"it's ben's turn to share a laptop,
because yours is DEAD."

ok, so it's not 100% dead. in fact, i'm posting from it right now.
but the screen is all wiggety-whack, so I'm working in the 2-inch window
that is still somewhat functioning. Plans to move all my files over to Ben's new shiny
MacBook Pro with CS5 are underway.
But first I get to go pick him up and tell him all about my 6-hour venture
at the Human Services clinic today—where they whisked me
away and told me a gender like they were telling me the weather.
I saw Baby move in that ultrasound
and felt like I could tell what was going on way more
than I ever could tell from anyone's little black-and-white photo.
Oh, and they changed my due-date to 23 January. (Farther along than I thought). Not bad.
But really,
I'm going to go have fun with HusBen who's been gone all day with a test and a final project presentation.
Then I'll come back and tell you the he or she later.
Any guesses in the meantime?


  1. Mean! You're keeping us waiting! We're excited to hear the big news.

  2. "human services clinic" sounds scary. the name sounds scary
    and come on!!!!!!!! tell us!!!!!!!! i want to guess girl for you guys. because everyone else is having boys and alice needs at least ONE girl close to her age to play with when we all get together!

  3. umm... boy! congrats again!

  4. I think it's gonna be a boy!! Cannot wait to find out!!!

  5. Bah! Sorry about the laptop. I"m always scared the last drop will be the poor things last and that would be terrible. What?! How can you do this to people? Bait them and then not tell them? I'm going to go with a girl.

  6. Boy. I'd give it a 50% chance.

  7. Boy Oh Boy! Did you know there's an Olivia, NC??

  8. I'm not even guessing. Although I'd definitely say it's a wiggleworm from your description! Can't wait to hear. And sorry about your puter!

  9. My guess is girl. I hate making decisions or guesses, you know. I can't wait to hear.

    I am feeling fortunate that more of my electronics haven't been whackitied from me or Carter with all of the abuse they take. Sorry about that!

  10. I am so happy for you two. You are going to be amazing parents. When is the baby due? We are having a boy in December. :) We are really excited!

  11. Great poem, although, sorry about your laptop.
    So now that you know, let the shopping begin...pink or blue??? :)