30 September 2010

sorry 'bout that.

[this video isn't amazing, but the music is, so just listen while you read...]

Ben heard about my teasing post and said I owed you all an apology.
Sorry to leave you all hanging, I didn't mean to be mean!
sorry too, for that sounding like a 4-year-old apology. :(

Anyway, bear with me as I make a story out of this;
if it's too much for you, skip to the good stuff at the bottom...

The song above is kind of a theme song to my summer-sans-Ben.

It was the first song on his mix for me that he sent for our anniversary apart.
And, consequently, it was the first song on his mix from Jordan
who was housing him while I was away.

The song is a cover of Animal Collective's My Girls single, a strong tune on it's own,
but I do love this lady-version with its whimsical percussion.

For a time my only complaint was why this girl had to substitute "boys" for "girls"
and completely change the name of the song. Because, as I read the lyrics,
the guy who wrote it wasn't referring to lovers or girlfriends—which is why
you'd want to change a gender, right? Instead, she could have left the lyrics as-is,
as if referring to her own daughters.

But as I sat in that waiting room all alone after the unexpected ultrasound, it clicked:

She changed that song for me!

Because, at least for now, all I want is a proper house (and home) for

my boys.

[i was glad to read that he was indeed referring not only to his daughter but his wife too, click here for full lyrics.]


  1. SO now we are due within a couple of weeks of each other AND both having boys. I am just giddy with anticipation of what your sweet little bundle will look/be like. Congrats!

    Another generation
    (gotta rhyme)

  3. woooo! we love boys! congratulations. :)

  4. O! My dear O! I found your blog on Facebook and I just wanted to let you know I was thinking about you. I always credit my fashion sense back to you, the first person who ever taught me that I could wear orange and green together if I jolly well wanted to. (It's gone downhill from there...oh, the atrocities I commit every day...)

    Anyhoo. Congrats on your fetus. Congrats on North Carolina. And I wanted to be the first to let you know that I'm actually 17.5 weeks along myself, so...yes. The fetuses should be friends.


  5. YAY! HOORAY! WOOOHOO! We need to talk soon. :) Love you!

  6. Congrats! A biased opinion for sure, but I think little boys are the best!

  7. The first in our family to carry on the Knudsen name!!!!! Do you realize the monumental-ness of this?!? That's fantastic. Congrats to you three.

  8. Amen to what Katy said. It was fun to find out from Ben today via phone. Brendon Jr. and Benjamin Jr. will have lots o' fun together being less than two months apart!

  9. Congratulations sister! Happy days ahead with a fun little lad! I love this blog!

  10. So blue it is!!! So excited for you! Let's go baby shopping! :)

  11. So many boys! Congratulations!

  12. Oh congratulations! Here's to a happy pregnancy and wonderful experience.

  13. Yipee! So exciting! Bet you guys are enjoying the name game now. i wish i could listen in on those conversations

  14. Yeeha!! saddle up! Can I say boys are the best??;) names?? Jan 23rd; you little stinker getting you due date moved up; who does that? You do, cause you rule. Good job and I love you!! SO SO excited for you!

  15. How did I miss this post?! So EXCITED!! Jane needs a good boy friend:) Do you catch yourself thinking about it often? So happy for you and Ben...boys are oh so Fun! Can't wait to meet Mr. Knudesen Jr. Love you!