11 September 2010

Our State

We're here!

no, we didn't enter through swain county, but this is how i remember it looking—surrounded by trees. image found here.

Ok, we've been in the state for over a month now, but we're finally here—at the coinciding blog.

(I've been using the word coincide a lot lately... Ben's confused every time. Is it that weird of a word?)

I apologize starting now for all of you who may have links to olivia in provo, but the link from there brought you here, so it will bring anyone else here if it is too much of a hassle to change your link.

It's kind of weird to just get a new blog with a move, I know, but it's how I started blogging, and I kind of liked the idea. Plus I wanted an excuse to switch Wordpress after I tried out its cool features. But now that Blogger has upped its standards and features, I just can't betray the google-backed host.

I love Google, did you know? I love Google almost as much as a family member.

It was Google's birthday on 7 September. Since they're family, how about a little birthday tribute?


  1. SWEET!! I get to leave the first comment EVER on your new blog!! Hooray for fresh beginnings!!

  2. 3rd still gets a medal! :)