30 June 2011


Let it be known that we have gotten out of the house since Utah. Thanks to Mangums for having us in the Outer Banks! Thanks to Kurt, Becky and Jonses for having us in DC! We hang out at home too:

  • I feel like all I do with my turn on the computer is freelance work. This isn't a bad thing, but there are funner things. And I said I feel, which is probably different from reality.
  • Ben got a HuluPlus account because the free trial is longer if you're a student. We are watching The Office from the beginning (no one had personalities in season 1) and last season of Bones (Booth's got a girlfriend)! We also love/hate Twin Peaks, which is not on Hulu, but Jacob said it was rated best drama of all time or something, so we have to be cultured, right?
  • For the first time, there is a game on the iPod touch that we both like. Ben downloaded Falldown forever ago but I finally tried it and then Ben saw that it must be. We've unlocked the gold ball & the crystal ball and currently Ben has the high score, with 8,876 points.
  • I do laundry, dishes, dishes, laundry, dishes. Ben makes fancy pork loin, chicken Parmesan (er—parmigiana, is there difference?), and some million dollar chocolate chip walnut cookies that could be on a restaurant menu if restaurants served cookies. Oh, and smoothies. Lots of smoothies.
  • We think Cohen is teething. He has a hard white dot where his top canine tooth would be. Weird for that to come in first? Uncle Aaron/Scotty/dentist says it is indeed a bud and some babies are just vampire babies. Cohen is really happy and fun if we are holding him, giving him attention, and usually standing up too. Either that, or if he's in the (for lack of an official term), Johnny Jump Up.


  1. Glad we're the recipients of your freelance work.
    Glad we're the recipients of your birthing Cohen work.
    Glad we're the recipients of fun travel companions.
    Glad we're the recipients of your daylily blog photo.
    Wish we were the recipients of Ben's pork loin and chicken parmesan...

  2. yeah, one of the boys in the ward who was a babay with carter got his canine teeth first. It happens. Carter is just barely getting them. I feel like he was grumpiest with these canine ones than the others (8mo-15mo all 4 front & 1st molars)

    don't you love sharing a love for a game & show(s) with your hubby - it's so fun!

    so you did go to dc. i've been wondering if you went or not. i imagine you had a great time! i heard the choir performance was AMAZING!

  3. Okay, are you watching Twin Peaks on Netflix, it is streaming right now. We got it from the SL Library 2 summers ago, and I would have nightmares about BOB (are you that far yet?). Needless to say, we have like 5 episodes left and even clicked on one last night but Daniel said, "um, Jenn, let's watch this in the daytime." :) I also have a love/hate with it. Also, I totally agree with Jenna, I love when the hubs and I have show/game we both love, it makes it all the more fun! It was so fun to see you weeks ago. You are an incredible woman!

  4. "8,876 is insane! I just downloaded falldown. I've been playing for the past half hour and I'm lucky if I get 200s."

    That's what I was going to say until I realized that maybe we were playing different falldown games. I clicked on your link and sure enough, I was on the wrong game.

  5. jenn! yes! on netflix. so weird. let me know when you finish those 5 episodes. don't think we've gotten to the BOB part yet... and, you are the nicest. i loved our visit.

    joe! i LOVE your comment. yes, the other falldowns are not as awesome. you will unlock the gold & crystal ball soon. ben's high score is now above 10,000 and mine is 7900 or something. it is nice to feel your goodness so much closer over here...