11 June 2011

get creative

The dryer was making a scary scratchy noise when I tried to dry the clothes. We let the landlady know, but it could be weeks before anything is done. I came upstairs whining about how we have now clothes line and I was going to have to go to the laundromat and sit there all alone waiting without even a laptop to occupy my time. Ben calmed me down as he made his frittata and suggested getting creative instead.

I woke up and the clothes are all dry. All along the chairs, doors, drawers, knobs, bars, lamps... (he said to get creative!). I didn't think I'd be able to get the whole load (of whites and darks, yes, don't judge!), but I ran out of clothes and still had places I could hang them.

Unrelated, my sore throat from earlier turned into a cold and seems to have run most of its course. Just annoying congestion left—but not annoying enough to keep us from a little excursion yesterday to Duke Gardens. You wanna see how fun it was in the 90+ weather? Too bad. You get a snapshot of laundry instead because we forgot the camera.


  1. Nice. At least it dries there. At times it's too humid here to get the job done quick enough & without getting a mildewy smell. You have to stay on top of the laundry doing otherwise sweaty dirty clothes become very, very stinky within a couple days.

  2. Good job! It's always fun to see what one can do without. I kinda like the challenge sometimes.

  3. So, what was blooming in the heat at Duke?