15 June 2011

the bakers' goods

I daydream about living next door to Ben's oldest sister Ashley. She likes to go, go, go (& do), which I love too, except she actually plans it out & does it, whereas I get stuck in the "I should..." stage. If I lived right there, I could always join in on her adventures & she could always have one more person (OK, probably at least 2 more with Cohen, duh) to enjoy the fruits of her labors. Win-win, right?
I can just see it: "Wanna walk to the library for a puppet show?" YES! "Wanna go on this awesome hike?" YES! "Wanna cook donuts?" YES! "Wanna go camping? Wanna play badminton? Wanna go on a run? Wanna paint? Wanna felt? Wanna go to this foreign film? Wanna go fly kites? Wanna go to the such & such concert?" YESYESYESYESYESYESYESYES!!!
While in Utah we got to do at least a few things together, some games, some food, and some Captiol Reef. It was GRRRREAT to be with Bakers again. Eli has a new little attitude that cracks me up. And Ivy's like her momma—go, go, go! Cohen did great (read slept & ate) on his first 1100ft elevation hike up to Cassidy Arch. (So did Josie and Maya for that matter!)


  1. Olivia, you're a go-er too! (i.e. you packed up and left for D.C. with only a 2 hour notice)
    Loved the grumpy Eli photo.

  2. And judging by the way Cohen continually kicks and flaps, he's destined to be a true go-GO-ER 'too also as well'

  3. I would be in heaven to have you near to join me in my "goings"! Thanks Olivia!

  4. so fun! i love the sleeping baby C in the carrier!