04 June 2011


Today Ben casually sang a tune he made up on the spot.

The lyrics were something like this:

(Seriously, read this while singing,)

"This is the worst part of the year, because there are no sports. Just baseball, which is lame."


In other news, I have a new goal to blog more.
It's a blog about me (and mine) in NC... Not a birthday blog.

To us!


  1. Oh! I love this post. I sing narration to everything I do. "ooooo I'm ironing. yes oh yes, i'm ironing. ironing my green shirt. ooooooo." It drives my brother crazy. I think it's rather endearing. Way to go, Ben!

  2. yes, more Olivia thoughts/stories please :)

    We will feel the exact same one the nba finals are over. We're so so into them. Wishing the mavericks all the luck in the world to keep the heat from winning & their egos growing even larger . . .

    We will be pretending to be phillies fans by going to a game or two. It's just not the same

  3. We're still waiting for Ben to get comfortable enough to do his whip sound effect....

  4. Ben's right. Summer is always the worst time for [watching] sports... except for world cup years of course.

    Please remind Ben that Gold Cup starts tonight. USA v Canada. 8 PM EST I belive.

  5. I love to picture this Krisanne. We like to sing thoughts over here...

    Reminder delivered. Go USA!