05 June 2011

The fifth of June

Today would have been our anniversary had we gotten married when Kurt & Becky told us to. Oh, you haven't heard this story? It's the greatest. Before Ben and I 'announced' if/when we'd be married, they announced that they'd called the Provo temple and scheduled a sealing for June 5, 2008.
It was at the Knudsen dinner table. Ben responded, "But Olivia doesn't want to get married in the Provo temple." And then there was a Knudsen hush. Not that Knudsens are all that gabby, but it was still a stone-cold silence. {"You won't feel rushed at the Provo temple," I was assured. But I knew my preference. Yeah, yeah, yeah, everyone gets married there, but SLC was special to ME. Especially fresh off my mission—don't ask why.} So we scheduled our sealing in Salt Lake for June 5, because... when else would we do it?
Then at General Conference 2008, I found out Ben didn't want to get married June 5. So the plans changed yet again and we married on Ben's date in my temple. OK, it wasn't just Ben's date. It was our date. Our first real date. (Not to be confused with our first fake date, to the Halloween dance).


And, I've had a sore throat since I woke up. It hurt to sing Hymns today and King of Limbs tonight.


  1. great story :) I wish you would have got married that date too though! Because then I would have been in Utah still! Oh, what could have been - wink wink. You'll have to tell me what you think about the possibilities of a PA meet up Mormon tab weekend ???

  2. Olivia, we still love you even though it was SLC instead of PU!

  3. Wait - i thought Kurt had reserved 06 07 08... or had it already been fully booked?

  4. I'm so glad u got married!:)

  5. Oh my! And you still married into our family. I am SO glad.