12 November 2010


 One of the things I have always admired about my husband
is his ability (and habit even) to notice.

Last week or so, he pointed out a certain tree to me on the way out of our little neighborhood.
A magnificent blend of fall colors from red to gold—one of the few maple trees in Garner.

I have wanted to remember the camera every time we've left home so I could capture it.

And every time we've left home I've forgotten—until this morning.
But then I was driving, and Ben was preparing a last-minute drawing, and the sun just wasn't right.
This maple is a bit past her prime now and may of the top leaves have fallen to make the familiar blanket of leaves that reminds me of Provo—(especially the maple in the back yard of our duplex on 1800 North.)

But I did manage a few other sights:

These don't do the colors justice of course, but it was more the nostalgic feeling of the drive home that is important. I was grateful just for the chance to notice all of this.

And then I was grateful Ben's father (he must get the 'notice' gene from somewhere) who shared this:

Happy Thanksgiving Daily!

(MD/NYC/DC part III coming soon...)


  1. I really love the COLORS of fall too. It's nice living in a place where there are so many trees because come fall, they are absolutely beautiful.

  2. We were out of town the past few days and had the lovely experience of doing quite a bit of driving in lovely fall weather. What a joy to see such gorgeous scenery! I do know what you mean about forgetting your camera. I need to get better about that myself.