19 November 2010

happy belated carmen!

Oh, and while we're on the topic, we might as well share our Gerberta gem too, shall we?

Gerb was one of my wonderful Young Women leaders.
She had us giggling every time one of us had a birthday because she emphatically sang a solo—IN SPANISH—
of the traditional Latin birthday song, "Las Mañanitas," (sorry—that link cuts off the last 3 syllables). Yes, she somehow still remembered all the words—IN SPANISH—from her high school Spanish class, I think.

For my 'Sweet Sixteenth' birthday, she changed it up a bit and sang different words to the same tune,
adding a bit of teasing which actually was more teasing my dad than it was teasing me:

a) Papá was so strict; his rule was that I couldn't wear make-up (including nail polish!) until I was 16.
b) Papá was so 'lax; he had long-ago taught me to drive and would send me to the store or to shuttle a sibling when absolutely needed, so turning 16 wasn't a big deal behind the wheel.

So with that background, please enjoy her lyrics, which I also sang to Carmen on the 13th:
(Sorry, Josie that I didn't sing it to you from my mission. Maya, don't let me forget in 2 years!)

Is it true? You are now sixteen?
And now driving legally?
Your nails can now be painted!
And a laurel you will be.

The boys (who are also sixteen)
can now ask you on a date!
But remember my advice, now:
And that's that


  1. OLIVIA! You have just completely made my day. Josie mentioned this song to me at camp and I could not remember it for the life of me. The fact that your family still sings it just makes my heart spill over with joy. I am now off to sing it (with a slight modification) to Elle who celebrated her 16th just last week.

  2. Thanks Oli! Love the song and the cucumbers!