15 November 2010


I know, it's been a month, but I'm just glad to get these up.
After walking all over the Big Apple, we just wanted to sleep in,
but who could sleep in through Mary Deane's cuteness and Brendon's breakfast from scratch?
(Really, he peeled and grated the potatoes himself and made us hashbrown patties! Mmm!)
getting ready to go into town

Her ribbon fell out so I got to fix it. Brought back memories of many-a-hairdo on little sisters!

Like I said, the other city was all about walking,
so I QUITE enjoyed some drive-by sight-seeing.

Then Mary Deane said, "let us take you to Zaytinya!"
And we knew better than to object.
We have no pictures to prove it, but this Turkish, Greek and Lebanese cuisine was probably even better than the amazing Republic lunch in NYC. Thanks Jonses!

Then we tried walking again:
To the National Building Museum and the National Portrait Gallery.

A fairly magestic entrance, eh? Look at the very tip-top where the wall meets the roof and...

... you can see bust sculptures repeating in a line! How do they ever dust them?

The columns feel pretty big from up top...

On our way out we spotted a bird in panic...

The kids were chasing him around the carpet before he flew up to the ledge for a rest.

I don't know what my face is doing, but it was fun to see a familiar face.

And I love the layout of this print—his signature and the engraving and the old type...

I didn't know who Ben Bernanke was, but Ben K and I loved this dollar collage.


We thought this was a photo until we looked closer.

The atrium was as cool as the portraits.
We both got tired faster than we thought, so Mary Deane suggested we go home and we gladly obliged. The three of us rested together that night while Ann and Brendon carpe'd the diem.

The next day after church, we decided to do some more drive-by's
and maybe even walk some monuments before heading home.

Hello, Pentagon.

If you remember correctly, this guy was a smart man.

I really love the type and thinking about who set it. The streak stains are even fun too.

On the way to the FDR memorial, we heard a loud noise coming from one of the garbages:

Good lookin' type. Good lookin' guy.

Lincoln Memorial, here we come!

Oops; sorry to cut you out, Mr. Lincoln. I still think you're the coolest.

The cool design of this monument means you can even reflect shadows. (Ben's and mine).

Autumn colors in DC: we liked them!
A a little photoshop put us both in this shot with our new state:

It made us so homesick that we drove home.

Thank you, dear Nation's Capital. It was so nice to meet you.


  1. What a fun trip. Thanks for sharing pictures! It was so fun to see everything.

  2. The photos are great, and I really love all the artwork. It's all great, and some is stunning! Next time we're in DC area we'll definitely check out Zaytinya. We love Greek and Lebanese cuisine!

  3. Good job Olivia in documenting your trip. Loved looking and reading!