28 October 2010

a word on pregnancy posts...

So I get shy about blogging pregnant/baby-stuff for a number of reasons,
but there might be one that sticks out more than the rest—

a relatively new sensitivity for the plague of infertility.
I don't know what about me blocked my view of what a trial this is, but until recent years, I've been rather oblivious. I don't know when it was that I actually put myself in the shoes of those that suffer this way, but I admit they were not comfortable shoes at all.

I found myself wanting conversations with these women; to know what they were feeling and what to do if this were to be my trial too. But at the same time I was learning that this subject was of the taboo sort; something that wasn't my business or was rather personal.

While in the midst of "trying on these shoes" (logging a health history and with a fertility appointment scheduled), one of these women in the family shared a bit about her pain. It was good for me to hear, probably mostly because hers was a happy ending, but I'm a sucker for openness anyway. She expressed gratitude for the trial and what it has taught her—and she taught me too. (Thanks, Gabe!)

Just days after she was willing to open up, I got a "+" on my first pregnancy test—the night before my fertility appointment. (Long story there; email me and I'd be happy to tell you more.)
Ever since, I have counted it a tremendous blessing rather than simply the "next step" in life. I've tried to be sensitive as to not make an "unintentional hurtful comment," nor be a hurtful reminder to those suffering.

It is for this reason, that I decided to follow Tallia's example and put the baby stuff in its own place—a sort of "online baby book" so that my family may still get the pregnancy deets, but to my dear friends and family who are struggling, I hope this way I will not add some tears to your day if you happen to be reading... (Of course if you are feeling particularly strong, you're welcome to peek as you wish.)

we all be more sensitive, eh? Click here (or new button on sidebar) for the pregnancy posts...


  1. Nice. And the Baby Owner's manual even uses Helvetica!

  2. Also, you did a very good job of making the "Baby K" thing look like "Baby K" instead of "K Baby". Good job. Also, did you notice that the authors of the Baby Owner's Manual are from SLC?

  3. Bless your beautiful heart! I am touched and honored to be a small part of your story. It IS such a crazy part of life that you don't hear a lot about until someone breaks the silence. It was an absolutely eye-opening trial to be a part of and to be an onlooker to similar stories. I am so happy that we both have happy endings and can't wait to see what Baby K looks like. All my love! Gabe

  4. Gabe-o-Gabe: you are a BIG part of the story. Thanks again for breaking that silence for me and for what I learned through you! So excited to see your Penny too!!