08 October 2010

happy birthday maya


  1. Thank you much Olivia! I never did REALLY know how I was to have the name Maya, I've just always told people Marina etc. So thanks for that! You are amazing, I love you, and I miss you!

  2. and by "THEY" you must mean PAPA, on the 'its a nickname' thing... i already had the MAYA ISABEL name change form filled out when his Guate apodo culture put a veto stamp on it!
    MAYA SOLIDA ~ GABRIELA ISABEL ...theoneandonly...
    Just wait 'till you hear/read about her bday evening - (I'm having her add to my post right now, of the festivities w/ five of her friends) - btw, i tried calling you during my 'fun momming' time last night - just thought you'd enjoy recognizing a few of the last names of her Dixon friends!

    ps: thanks again for the timely mailed amazing conf bingo creative works of art! - they'd make a great post... but you've got to touch and feel to appreciate the korean tape embellishment.

  3. Happy Birthday beautiful Maya! A perfectly name!