30 October 2010

in memory of 5 august 2008

For Ben's Fall Break, we decided to make our first visit to Charlotte...
and at the last-minute decided to make it an overnighter.

awesome road trip mark on my knee: polka-dots from leaning on the car door...
Then, when everything about the trip was so awesome, we decided that would count as the 'anniversary trip we never had' seeing as I was in Utah at work and
he was in North Carolina taking finals on our actual anniversary.

Here is everything about the trip that was so awesome:

We went straight to IKEA and had a good, long Juárez-style browse. 

Not only that, but we made a decent purchase of things we'd been needing,
and we got a free meal out of it. Plus a yummy hotdog and cinnamon bun on the way out—perf.

Then our hotel was just, oh, 5 minutes from IKEA...

and the hotel room (that Ben got on Hotwire for about half price) just happened to be a corner room with a great King-size bed and an amazing view, as proven above.

After a dinner in a booth by a BEATLES shadow box tribute, and a good night of sleep,
we headed into "The Queen City..."

We got a good museum fix with the Bechtler Museum of Modern Art,
and the newly-opened Mint Museum Uptown with the Craft & Design collection.

The Bechtler didn't allow photography, but I got a good shot of the entry,

and a here's taste of the fun gift shop:

We had a good lunch break at an excellent-themed pizza place called Fuel.

We ate outside in a fun plaza that had bubble sounds coming out of stone speakers,

poems on brass "paper" everywhere,

and a reference to our Utah home!


Then the rest is for you art fans—
Ben and I each got a turn to snap away at the Mint:

hand-woven veneer strips

yarn placed side by side and glued to a form

pencil-decorated door

designed for United Airlines

We have a Westclox "Baby Ben" almost just like this! (one of our first purchases as a married couple at Moriarty's Antiques in SLC)

Eames; always a fave...
this is GLASS

Ben's family's juicer—in a museum...

made of hundreds of discs of wood...


We ended with a lovely dinner on the patio at Vivace.
I watched a spider make her whole entire, elaborate web during dinner.
But Ben was the best company of all, of course!


  1. I loved this. So much fun in "Queen City". We need to hit that museum for sure (thanks for testing it out for us). Love Sunday with Ben and Olivia--thanks for making the "trip" across town (:

  2. You got some excellent shots! And sounds like you had a wonderful time, too. Me, I get the car marks on the back of my calf from putting my bare feet in the front window. ;)

  3. ahhh, what fun! good job you two!!

  4. it's obvious you had a great time! When's your road trip up to see me? I want to road trip to you sometime too you know - bu that'd be fun post baby.

    thought about you all halloween and hoped/wondered if you were listening to the halloween cd that richard made us. carter and i loved it. wanting to text you, but need to discover your phone number again - i am never sure if i have the right one - and if you even have texting plan etc. enough blah blah. Your belly is cute!

  5. So fun, Olivia. I'm surprised they didn't have my parents fly swatter next to the juicer :) Simply can't wait to see you soon!

  6. mmm i really love me a good museum visit.

  7. Jenna! Hope you got my email. A road trip is certainly in order. And oh, how I miss that "Ghoulies and Ghosties" mix. I've been meaning to ask Richard for a replacement.

    Alyssa: I'm glad I'm not the only one with car marks. :)