07 October 2010


It was just like a light switch—October came, and off went the humidity & heat.
We turned off the AC unit and opened the windows. Ben says it went from 90° to 70° overnight.
As much as I love summer, this crisp weather has really put a smile on my face.
view from the bathroom window—i watched those oriental lilies grow from seed to bloom.

Granted, the leaf colors are not as breathtaking (yet?) here as they were on Provo Center Street,
but the near-sweater weather is just plain fun.

view from the living room window—that's all bamboo on the left, who-knows-what in that shed, and the pond beyond the trees on the right.
Oh, and the roof of course. The best thing about that roof is it means no one can see inside our windows even though we get all the wonderful light. No blinds are the best.
So with my itch to play outside, I figured I'd "set the record straight" about where we live...
Not that we've lied about it or anything, but the term "on a farm," combined with Ben's amazing details may be a bit misleading.

So, our apartment is one of six in the whole house.
This mailbox shot is in honor of all of you lovelies who have sent goodies. Thanks a whole heap.
This house has been in the same family since it was built, meaning there's a certain build-up of stuff.
But they've put good use to their land, using it (+ humidity) as a sort of greenhouse or nursery, which they call a farm. The Daylily farm itself sits sort of across the street and down the road from us.
We do have our share of quirks in this place. They told us to be prepared for 'a few more bugs than the average apartment,'
but we haven't been bugged at all
. ;)

So even though I intended to get out and tell you, 'we really live at your average old house,'
I proved myself wrong.

It was too hard not to click away at all the amazing details myself!
I'm not gonna lie, we do actually live on some sort of paradise:

I even enjoyed the details of SOUND. There was a toad croaking over and over right here, but I never saw him.
But I did find this little jumper. Can you spy the camouflage frog?

When I did my animal report on the Koala in 5th grade, I was sure Eucalyptus only grew in Australia...

And... I thought cacti were a desert thing...
One last reality-check...

But really, if you want see it for yourself, come visit our little apartment up the cold, black steps!
The fighting squirrels will greet you, and we can fool you with the "spilled red candies" on the ground,
which actually somehow come out of the giant pods that fall from the Magnolias outside...

And I can show you this odd little reading room just outside our apartment door.
Or you can just come and stare at the pregnant lady.



  1. Lovely photos! And our weather has been just the same. Suddenly our evenings are much, much cooler. Gorgeous days!

  2. yes! we would love to come! but might have to settle for you coming to see us in DC next week (or maybe the one after that, i am not sure of the plans)!!!!!!

  3. Great photos! We had that sudden shift too. I'm sure you will be very pleased with the trees soon enough, give them a few more weeks. Some years are brighter than others though. I really will be making my way down to see you - I'm planning it all out in my head and it makes sense to come see you with a baby in your arms right? I LOVE the belly pic!

  4. Loved the tour. I always wondered where those little red beans came from! And, just be patient, the Fall colors come on gradually, but one day, you will look up and they will take your breath away--I think it is partly just the sheer number of them (the leave, that is). So glad you are here.

  5. I'm so there! ...every day, in my mind... SO glad we drove forever to get there (weaving through10 states) even at the peak of the heat/humid season -
    It occasionally takes an edge off the separation pains to be able to picture your NC life from more than only amazing photos! But now i know I'll just HAVE to visit in the fall sometime too... But winter 2011 first!

    PS: Our 1st glance at the shot of the red candy magnolia bean, Maya thought cherry tomato and I thought lady bug!!

  6. thanks for the virtual tour of the place, Olivia. You two have it good.

  7. Olivia, great entry and really great pics. Living here for a few years, I tend to only see the "Sanford and Son" aspect. Looking at the same things, through your photos and perspective has inspired me to shift my own thinking and find the beauty. :)

  8. Great photos, girl! We must have received that same "cold" front that you did too. Suddenly we can have windows open and it's the best!
    I'm loving all the pictures of your new place.
    And, I too, did a report on koalas in grade school! I thought the same thing about eucalyptus trees too! hA! love it.
    p.s. you are a darling pregnant gal. just sayin'...

  9. I'm pretty sure you live in the amazon. ps. YOU ARE SUCH A CUTE PREGNANT PERSON!! MORE PICTURES!!