01 January 2013


Testing out the Blogger app, yo. Right from the phone. Youbetchamyheck.

2012 brought another kid, an iPod then an iPhone, the final and eventual loss if the ol' college laptop, so much Instagram, and thus, a so-called "death of blog".

But 2013 shall bring better documenting. Starting with telling you about the sewing I did today and loved. If it weren't so gosh darn tedious, I think I'd do more of it. But I'd love to do more of it. I'm working on some hand-painted type on banners. I love work like that.

Twenty-thirteen shall be like magic beans!


  1. fun to see what your sewing project was! Me likey!

    ps- having a second child really did a number on my ability to blog/document & read other people's too. Too much to do with 2 busy boys, right!
    pps- loved the pic of Silas with the other 2 babies - he had the cutest expression & love his dark hair that is really filling in. Such a Juarez!

  2. Yay! I love your blog, I have missed you here, but I get it, i totally get it. Also, LOVED your new years card. Thank you for including us. Daniel LOVED the recipe book for Christmas too, so thanks for your input. You are a dear, wonderful friend.

  3. Your art is amazing, as always. And what App is it that is alowing you to blog from your phone...I want it. I love you!!

  4. Cool Banner! How many did you make?

  5. Hahahaha!, "youbetchamyheck" hahaha ��