22 June 2012

growing exponentially

For over an hour, I've been experiencing the magic of both boys asleep at the same time. And although it's been my intention to give this good news update since then, it has still taken me over an hour to start. I better get better at maximizing this magic time. Soon enough...

Well, as you faithful readers (Rebecca!) might have guessed, yes, I was in labor while I wrote the last post. I wasn't wanting to admit it yet, because I'd carefully prepared myself to go overdue. But an hour later, I was at the midwife appointment. The pains were regular on my drive there and I was already feeling an urgency to take a picture of my belly because the belly wasn't going to be there soon. I took the above shot on the way into the appointment, where my suspicions were confirmed. And by 6 o'clock that evening, I was back at the hospital, dilated to an 8. Yeah, man.

I think I smiled in this photo just because I knew it was being taken, but remind me not to do it next time because it looks goofy. Delivery with a midwife wasn't much different from my doctor/nurse experience. I expected her to do a little more coaching, but I really liked that it was one person there with me through labor all the way to the end.

This was the view from the room, though my personal view consisted more of the backs of my eyelids. I still can't believe it was daylight during all this—I fully expected a birth around midnight.

But hallelujah!

It was but 7:32pm when they handed me this wee one.

And he immediately grasped my fingers! I like to think it was reassuring for him.

Kinda like holding Ben's hand was reassuring for me for the few hours previous.

It was past his bedtime (hence the jammy-shirt and the über-tired face),
but Cohen got to come meet his brother while he was still under an hour old.

 It was probably more fun for us than it was for him.

Actually, it was fun for me to have LOTS of family come meet Baby... fun enough to stick my tongue out.
But for the rest of you that couldn't be there, it's fun to tell you via the ol' blog:

Meet Baby Silas Benjamin Knudsen!
8lb 3oz  20.5"

We're giddy to have him here. The first night we brought him home, I told Ben as we went to bed that I had an some kind of excited feeling, as if it were Christmas Eve or the day before a trip to Disneyland. Maybe it was a little naïve—going to sleep with a newborn shouldn't necessarily be exciting. But I confess that part of me still has that feeling. Our joy multiplied with Cohen and it's pretty much exploding with Silas and I guess we'll just hope that it will continue to grow exponentially. 


  1. Thanks for posting the details and great photos. I especially like the second to last of Silas looking soo new and sweet. You are a birthing champ Olivia- you look fabulous! I wish we were closer so I could meet Silas and bring you something delicious. Love to you and Ben and Cohen and Silas.

  2. So happy to see these photos and hear this story on your blog! I'm even happier to spend time with you and this wee one in real life!

  3. oh my goodness! I love every bit of this post! Each picture is just perfect. Love the one with you & ben - the expressions are just love & joy to a T. Love the little finger clasping Silas! Love the long haired Cohen seeing baby brother. So happy for you to have all the family around (I totally have missed/dream of having family close during those first few days/weeks of a new baby). Happy Happy Day! Love those last two pics of Silas & the one with Mommy & Silas! Beautiful family Olivia & Ben! Enjoy!
    PS - NBA = major bummer with Heat win ;)

  4. LOVE IT!!!! OH MY WORD!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!!!

  5. YAY! I love it! Congratulations. I am so happy for you and your sweet clan of boys. I need to meet this boy before my time runs out. I love the name choice too. What great names for your boys both. love you woman!

  6. You are amazing Olivia! Congratulations to you, Ben and Cohen and three cheers for Silas making his arrival on a beautiful day.

  7. SO impressed!! i LOVE that last one of you & Silas! I originally saw this post from my phone at work and couldn't comment... WELL DONE, Mija - you NEVER cease to amaze me!!