08 June 2012

straight-up up-date

Someone asked if I was taking a break from blogging. I guess you could technically say so, but does it count if it wasn't intentional? It's not. I'm sorry!

The special birthday gift two months ago was an iPod touch—the new kind with a camera which meant I instantly fell addicted to Instagram (see my photo feed here), and it served as the update-my-family-from-afar outlet.

But there are indeed lots of updates:

  • We moved out of the "loft on the daylily farm." (moment of silence)
  • We put most of our belongings in a storage unit.
  • We parked our car under the NC summer sun.
  • We caught a plane by the skin of our teeth and made it to Utah.
  • We enjoyed the wedding of Sean and Hannah!
  • Ben interviewed at Landform Design Group and started interning there the following week.
  • I found someone to keep a medical eye on my pregnancy and sheepishly have asked to borrow important things like a carseat and bassinet for our time here. 
  • Cohen has been living a much higher quality of life with someone to give him attention at every turn, and more cars to play with than he ever knew existed.
We are feeling grateful for our situation. Happy to be here in the 'homeland' and even happier to be with family and friends that have been far for so long. Things are still up in the air for fall—we know Ben's classes start in mid-August so we hope to be back for that, though all else is just details at this point. :)

Until the next time I opt for blogging over taking a picture and clicking "Done"!

(or until I can finish a brother and a brother-in-law's birthday haikus!)


  1. loved the email & blog update! Very happy for you & can't believe you are due so soon! I need to email you back & hope to hear back from you again before your life gets more hectic with 2 :) Love - j

  2. Yay! Happy to see this and happy that baby boy is here! Sure love you!

  3. Ok, so were you in labor as you published this?! You crazy woman! Congrats on #2.

  4. Love having you and yours in the basement. (And so so happy you float to the top too!)