25 February 2012


As you can imagine, a first and only grandchild several thousand miles away from his first-timer aunts/uncles/grandparents is sort of a tragedy. But then again, not as much as it would be without FaceTime. We do a lot of it around here. Cohen loves it. When he's not tired and he already ate and his diaper is changed but he is still fussy, I pretty much give up and turn to FaceTime to help me parent. Cohen's mood instantly changes once a familiar face comes on screen with a hearty "Hi, Baby!" And then he can go {almost} forever—showing off his cars, playing peek-a-boo, babbling away, mimicking, or simply staring at all the faces giving him such undivided attention.

The other nice hero is the screenshots, which my family frequently uses to capture the moments—like the one on the right, where he's pointing to the birds he hears out the window. Or the one on bottom where he is completely enthralled with laughing "hard" with my mom (it may look like he's screaming or something, but that's just his cheesy laugh).

There are a slew of these shots waiting to be shared (as my brother will attest, who frequently comes home to a desktop full of them), so this will likely become a common theme, probably documented on the Baby Ks blog. The url finally makes sense now that there is more than one Baby K. Though it would have been more proper to call it 'Babies K' I think. Ah, well.

(Oh, and if anyone else likes to get they're FaceTime on, you can reach us through my email. Same with iChat or Skype or Gmail Video Chat. Or even Google+ Hangouts. We are sort of experts in this genre. Drop us a line.)


  1. Can't wait to get face time with Cohen tomorrow!

  2. love it! i especially LOVE the one with granny Cherie... so classic!

  3. Hey - Tyler just hooked Grandpa up w/ a WebCam and a Skype account a week or so ago - call him and set a time to for GreatgrandsonChat!!