18 October 2011


Last year I remember feeling, "Wait, it's November? We didn't even so much as get a pumpkin!" This year, the pumpkin made it to the porch before October 1st! Call me silly, but it feels like a victory. Also, we typically scramble online to find a spooky movie on Halloween night to celebrate somehow. By then, we have a hard time finding something—and when we do—we aren't too impressed. This year, in October's first week, we watched a genuine creeper. We can officially recommend The Others, starring Nicole Kidman. You can watch it instantly on Netflix, or rent it on iTunes for $3. (Perfect if you don't think about Halloween until Halloween, like we used to do.)

Also, last year, around this time, we were enjoying a jaunt up to the New York City. This year, to remember it, Ben brought home some Mallomars to try. They claim (on the box) that it's a New York City thing because over 70% of their sales "are generated in the shadow of the Big Apple." Who knows. I'm not a big mallow fan apart from s'mores, but these grew on me. I think they'll become an October tradition—since they are only on the shelves from October to April due to their melting properties. So, there is your random fact for the day.


  1. I love all these little snippets into your life!

  2. Thank you for the tips! I've never had a mallowmar, but it's nice to know they still make chocolate out there that actually melts :)

  3. The spinning lady I thought looked kind of like a Mallomar ... Mallomars ... cookie, but then I realized the mallows of said cookie are not Hershey's kiss-shaped. Those were my thoughts.

  4. hmmm, i have seen those a lot at the grocery stores here lately. maybe we'll have to give them a go

  5. Thanks B&O for sharing your Mallomars. I liked how the thin chocolate coating cracked as you bit into it and then your teeth sunk in to the soft mallow center bottomed out by vanilla cookie.
    We had our pumps on the porch before Oct 1 too. Great minds....

  6. ...well we had Calvin's jack-0-watermelon - til it rotted ... and 1st of Oct we got a cool 'Top-Gun' fighter pilot suit / costume for Ash complete w/ aviator shades - til he said yesterday he wanted to switch to something scary/freaky (more 6th grade cool-y)...
    Better luck next year for us i guess :)