27 October 2011

half-birthday for husben

Ever since we've been married, Ben has kept the freezer stocked with at least one (sometimes all) of the following potato wonders: tater tots, straight-cut fries, cris-cut fries, hashbrowns, hashbrown patties—(am I missing anything?) It's an unlikely affinity, given his food-snob nature. But I love it. And obviously, he does too.

He can't have any of it without ketchup, though. I should mention that we go through lots of big bottles of the sweet stuff my dad tried to make me hate. I don't actually hate it, but I do hate when Ben overestimates the dipping pool he'll need for his late night snack and the extra ketchup clumps are either wasted or dried out for a fun dish-washing later.

It was while dining (in a classic small-town diner) on our anniversary trip that Ben declared he needed one of these dispensers—making it easy to just squirt the right amount on each individual fry. I tucked the idea in my head, liking it a lot myself, and pulled it out for his half-birthday, October 27th. (Special thanks to this fun place {and, check out that logo!} which is open to the public and just 10 min from home, on the beaten path.)

It was Ben himself that taught me the fun of celebrating half-birthdays, way back in 2003. Even if it's more fun for me than it is for him, it was well worth my buck and change!

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