17 March 2011


Just got back from 3-ish weeks of road trippin' and hardly a pic to prove it.

As always, KWK saves the day.

I am 100% unmotivated today and blogging from an iTouch is getting done before any unpacking, laundry, or shower.

I did, however, prepare myself some lunch: a juicy portabella burger with yellow bell pepper and goat cheese on sugarless sprouted wheat bread.

(On drive home, Ben asked if I wanted to be vegetarian for a month. I said yes, if I could have fish too. He agreed. I already messed up twice--crispy bacon at the continental breakfast in Savannah and a corned beef sample at Trader Joe's last night.)

Been reading Word of Wisdom Living and Sweat Bread--(don't let that name fool you; it's not about bread that tastes like sweat; oh on the contrary.)

Oh, and I'm thinking Cohen sleeps and eats and feels better when traveling.

Happy day of my favorite color.


  1. Isn't that Word of Wisdom Living blog THE BEST?? I am sneaking the weekly ideas into my family's meals and they haven't even noticed or complained!

    Love to you, Olivia.

  2. YES. I *might* like the design of WoW Living more than the content, but don't tell anyone. I wish I could come join your family for these meals!

  3. I just discovered that site too. I know what you mean about the design. The content is fine too but there needs to be more of it!
    Do you make your own sprouted breads? I've been experimenting with it lately. It's kinda fun! :)
    A funny story about living the WoW: A couple years ago I was meeting with a memeber of the stake presidency for my reccomnd interview. When it came to the question on if I live the WoW I said "I'm trying. It's hard!" He got a look of panic and shock on his face. Was I telling him that I can't get over coffee or something? I had to quickly explain that I felt like I had some work to do when it comes to eating more grains and veggies and less meat. :)

    I think it's great that there has been more focus on the shoulds than the should nots lately. It's a great law of health!

  4. It is a windy,grey,very uninspiring day here in Utah...and I see those pictures of Jordans where plants are in gorgeous bloom and I want to cry!! Spring looks Lovely there. Also saw your father in laws shots in Florida...oh, the abundance of shells out there!!! My last several attempts at shelling have been a bust. When Devin and I are out in NC can we go the beach and look ?! have you become as great a cook as your new sisters? I also really like "word of wisdom living". Cohen is looking cute as a bug! Kelly is out visiting out here this week and Cooper (at almost 4 months) looks quite similar to a dodge ball

  5. Oh Deb, come soon! (Hello to Bowen Bunch too!) You and Devin are going to love it. I can't deny the blooms make me VERY happy. How 'bout we hit up the Outer Banks? Those Jacksonville shores were the most shell-abundant I've ever seen, but NC shores have some good lighthouses, I hear. :) And does this mean Cohen will be a dodge ball by the time we make it to Utah?

    Amie! It's true! We don't realize how much wisdom there is in ALL parts of the Word of Wisdom. Glad you took your stake leader by surprise. ;) Oh and I'm glad you agree about the design... And, no to me making sprouted wheat bread. One day. This stuff was the bread with the fewest ingredients (and 0 grams of sugar!) at Trader Joe's...