28 March 2011

colder here than it is in utah

 {I've never seen this widget with this graphic. It looks like hail, but outside, it was really just teeny tiny droplets. Teeny enough to go out and get the laundry from the dryer.}

Cohen came too, naturally. And so he was bundled up cute.

{Ben had to take the camera to school today so here we are loving Photobooth.}


  1. I have never seen that widget graphic either. Innnteeresting.
    And I love that you're loving Photobooth. :)

  2. We had the same graphic on the Durham weather widget.
    And Cohen is very cute in his eared outfit.

  3. love the h&m hoodie - I know because I bought a couple to save for me or a gift because they were irresistibly soft & cute! :)