03 January 2012

first night

Meet Creepy Green Hooded Person. We hand-picked him on our first visit to Paris Market in early 2011, with the idea of recreating the King Cake tradition introduced to us at the Malans' First Night Atlanta. 

We ditched the cake idea, and he instead hid inside Chocolate Pomegranate cookies.
(Ben's cookie, to be exact! Luck for the new year!)

Cohen went to sleep nicely. Ben made an amazing soup (some cabbage, potatoes, veggies and veggies and a whole lotta fresh thyme). We grated fresh fresh Parmesan on top, grabbed crusty rosemary bread slices from our new toaster and snuggled up with an Amazon Instant Video.

Rise of the Planet of the Apes was so enthralling that we missed the stroke of midnight, and so toasted with our Martinelli's knock-off around 12:12am of 0-twelve.

And that's how it all began.


  1. You fit THAT in a cookie?!
    HAPPY 2012!

  2. eek. let the record show that my photo is super-zoom and misleading. mr. green guy is no taller than one inch.

  3. You and your boys are very cool, just FYI - and so are your blog posts! And I want to see creepy hooded guy in real life because I pictured him way bigger than an inch too. And I want to know more about those yummy sounding cookies!

  4. watched that movie on the plane. Very entertaining. Yes, please send out that cookie recipe. Happy New Year!

  5. that's great. love your happenings.

  6. Sounds like a very good way to welcome 2012. Here's to another good year.