27 July 2011


The above was quoted in this talk about being conquerors from our lesson on Sunday. I learned (yet again) how much the hard things in life are an integral, necessary part of our experience. It's just a fact that bad things happen to good people. Shark bites happen to Lucy. Cystic Fibrosis sends Mary Deane to the hospital. And on a much more micro scale, trees fall around the corner, cutting the power in 100°F weather. And Olivia is dumb and turns back as the light goes green only to realize with a bump that the SUV in front was still stopped.

Even the little sufferings in addition to the great sorrows are catered for our education. I know it, but why can't I know it so well in the moment? Such was the case with another sorrow this summer—Ben was denied residency status at NC State which meant no school this summer. To me, it felt like we'd suffered a job loss somehow. The lack of motivation to pick ourselves up and accomplish things every day was a pain. I beat myself up over all that I could be doing with such free time, and yet hanging out with HusBen & Cohen so often wins out over putting a portfolio online or following through on lucrative efforts with my talents.

But today, I'm finally looking back to recognize that good things happen to good people too: Ben has his first client for a landscape design! He also got a part-time job in his old watch trade! And he also was just approved residency status for the fall! We were so happy, we went out to Chick-fil-A to celebrate. We ate outside (with a little breeze!) and it was icing on the cake to watch a frog hop around at our feet.

Here's to hoping that next time, I'm better at 'being educated' during the trial before the good rewards come.


  1. Love the quote - I needed it today.

    Also, congratulations on residency status for the Fall! That is very happy news.

  2. Thanks so much for sharing this Olivia. It's hard to endure our trials patiently. I really need to work on that.
    You are amazing and I'm so glad things are starting to look up for you 3.

  3. it's a life-long pursuit. you learn it and re-learn it over and over... at least i do!

  4. I agree with Sue--you learn it over and over. Thanks for sharing, Olivia and hooray for residency status! (Crazy people...)

  5. Over and over and over is right!!

    thank you, thank for posting this!

  6. Thanks, as always, for your thoughts. And always actually applying the gospel to your life. Love your example.

  7. Yes. Yes. I know I can relate to your quote to & have my own list of trials & blessings to be grateful for. Yes, I often wish I could skip ahead to a have that later perspective

    ps totally bumped an SUV last year. I have a dent in my hood :( but i lucked out that the lady let me leave - especially lucky because it was definitely a Hummer & I can't even begin to imagine what type of money I would have had to fork out if she found any little anything. We have to put up with those small dents & realize we may have been saved from something much worse.
    Congrats on fall residency granted!