13 January 2011

january in the south

{Thank goodness for birthdays that keep me blogging, eh? Eventually I will attempt a blog catch-up marathon because our Southern holidays deserve a little recognition. In the meantime, you can read my catch-up marathon on pregnancy here if you like.}

On 1/11/11,
we woke to a world dipped in ice...
Ice is like glass. It's clear. So maybe you can't see it, but look close, because it's awesome.
View out the window—the ice weighed down the bamboo and all of the sudden we could see the pond and road on the other side!

...or what most people call an ice storm.
Schools were canceled. Including Ben's university.
I know.

* I was fascinated. *

Maybe the woodpecker was fascinated too?
In the afternoon, I decided to "venture" out to the post office.

But the car needed to be freed from its shell of glass first.

This is where I turned into a little kid—
was it just because it was my first time experiencing this,
or was it because this glass-like ice really is that fun?

Either way, I knew my siblings would love it as much as I did.
So I took videos for them. You can see them too, even if you're not my sibling.

*let the record show that this is my first ever attempt at creating a video. thank you.

Even the next day was fun. Sun was out. All the bare trees were sparkling because it was still cold enough that they were all magical glass-dipped trees...

Each pine needle had its own sheath of ice... and the grass in the yard was a riot to crunch through... Even with puffy feet.

Another riot: walking under the giant Magnolia tree out front; it would occasionally shed the glass sheets off the leaves and they'd crash to the ground. Some even stayed intact... little leaf-shaped pieces of ice all over... Almost like Fall all over again?

Still loving NC seasons...
But can I just add that Ben and I could not believe our eyes that night when we got to the mall to do some birthday shopping... and it was CLOSED at 6:30. Well, it was open somehow, but every store inside was closed. Empty parking lot. Weird, yes?

Yes. Fun weird.


  1. That is so amazing. I would be completely facinated too. I had know idea what "ice storm" meant until today. The video was impressive too! :)

  2. I love it! It's so cool. And clean.

    And the video made my day. :)

  3. Wow, I wish the ice was like that in Utah! Thanks for the video, and awesome job on it, by the way.

  4. That was super cool - even though ice scares me a little these days. It's like a world covered in Magic Shell!

  5. Nice NC Ice! LOVED your video!

  6. amie! so glad i could introduce you to this weather phenomenon and glad you'd react like me.

    sibs! thanks for the buenajairos.

    gerb! i really almost referenced you & your ice encounter during this post. i can't stop thinking about it and in the after-math of the ice that hasn't melted, i must say i am not my usual 'fearless' self. so thanks for promoting extra caution for all pregnant women everywhere!

    kurt! i love YOU.

  7. We had snow day in Alabama, too! I couldn't believe it--EVERYTHING was shut down. Nobody went to school, and most people didn't brave the roads (although they looked dry to me). I had the ice layer on my car, too, which was fun. Yay for the south! :)

  8. That is so dang sweet! I wish that for one morning, our car was covered in a blanket of ice. Sweet video! I liked the part when you're getting the ice off of the back window, and you see the water releasing. SO COOL!! Thanks mucho!

  9. woah—wait, wait, wait. cammie! alabama?? what is going on? we MUST catch up.